Are you looking at careers in your specialty? Are you a carpenter? Brick layer? Do you have general building skills? You could be exactly who we are looking for.

IPP is always looking for reliable and trustworthy staff and contractors to help with our larger projects. We think it is important to expand our team to make sure we can provide work for everyone who comes to us. We look for those who are dedicated to their craft, always aim to provide the best work possible, and can work well with our clients to achieve their goals in any job, no matter its size. Our goal is to provide long-lasting careers to anyone who joins our team. This includes giving them good opportunities to challenge themselves, as well as work as part of our already incredible team. We also want to invest in the careers of everyone who works for us. This means we want to help challenge you and expand your skills throughout the projects you work on.

We are always trying to take on more projects and expand the areas that we work in. So, there are various job opportunities available: Carpenter, Bricklayer, Roofer, Plasterer, Plumber, Electrician, General Builder, Handyman, etc. If you are looking for a new job opportunity, please get in contact with our team today.

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